Anonymous asked:

Hi how come is it impossibile to follow you on FB anymore?

I deleted the Facebook fan-page months ago. I currently have just my personal profile online but I don’t update it often. If you are interested in following my work, follow my Tumblr, my Flickr, my Blogger or my Deviantart pages. I post news, wip shots and finished illustrations only there :)

manduhdoll asked:

Hi I was wondering how I get ahold of you for a commission? If you do business out of Italy, I am located in the US in California. Serious inquiry :)

Hi there!

Country is not a problem, in the past I collaborated with people living in Europe, Australia, North and South America so…really, not a problem! But, I’m currently working on a series of projects, I mean, three art shows, a comic book and something more. Few of them are long term projects but I can accept new commissions on a very limited basis. For more info and details, pls, contact me at: nati-art AT

Thank you!

I’m currently working on a series of illustrations I can’t show online yet…anyway, this is a very small preview of one of them :)

I was wondering, do you ever use reference material when your painting or drawing?

Hi there! It depends…when working on commissioned pieces I always use reference material - people are used to email me tons of stuff :). When working on my own pieces I sometimes take inspiration from old art or my ball jointed dolls :)

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to tell you what a inspiration you have been to me! I have admired your art ever since I was thirteen and I can never get over how amazing your work is. Thank you so much :3

<3 <3 <3

wow you are amazing i wish you could be my teacher youre style is gorgeous i cant believe it would you maybe have time to video chat or message and talk. it just so awesome

Thank you so much for the lovely message <3 I’m a totally self-taught illustrator and, that said, I’m not a qualified person to teach how to paint/draw :) I just post stuff on the web, and I haven’t made any tutorial/video/chat about my technique yet. Sorry!


by Jens Harder
New business cards featuring my &#8216;Listen to Seashells&#8217; illustration. Yeah &lt;3

I did the line-art of this weeks ago! I should start watercoloring it, now :)

Anonymous asked:

Wow i really like the way you paint. Is so clear and the colors just perfect!!. What kind of suplies do you use? How do you do the lineart? Before or after the watercolors? Thanks! And keep the good work (also im so shy to kit the annon jeje ://3 )

Thank you so much <3

About supplies and art tools, you can find few info there:

I use Windsor and Newton inks and several nib-pens for line-art. I usually ink my drawings before I watercolor them.

Opaque  by  andbamnan