ilikestripez asked:

Ok about that last question, i looked all over the internet for tutorials on watercolor that is similar to your art and nothing i quite like yours

Well, I don’t follow rules :) As I’m totally self-taught, I watercolor in my own way.

Anonymous asked:

I love how you take multiple photos of all of your art to show your progress because it helps me with my art so much. I was hoping you could do a water color tutorial because that would just be super!!??! :D

Thank you! I should improve my English before writing a tutorial :)

Watercolour on a cardboard box. I applied the Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground to the box in order to paint it with watercolour.

This is a very helpful blog entry about watercolour ground written by the uber-talented Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

The painting is still in progress.

Very small watercolor on wood.
Good morning!
Time to promoting my very old stuff :) Have a look at my Flickr Gallery!
Garlands of Roses. 2002
Ink, watercolor and markers on paper.

I wanted to say that I got the dolls in the mail and they're even more beautiful up close! Thank you again and keep up the amazing work!

Yeah :) Thank you again for the commission <3

Watercolor in progress&#8230;
Long Exposure Photographs of Fireflies in the Forests of Nagoya City
Anonymous asked:

do you do commissions for your wonderful art pieces? They're absolutely beautiful!

I’m veeeeeeeery slow at working on private commissions :) As a matter of fact, I currently take commissions only for paper dolls, tattoos design and small illustrations. Thank you for asking!

Opaque  by  andbamnan