18th Sep 201407:0818,867 notes

When running my Facebook fan page, I was used to post illustrations I did years ago. I called that the ‘back to the past’ gallery. I think it would be nice to post old piccies on Tumblr too - since I deleted my page on Facebook. So, theme of today is Dinosaurs! Well, no need to say I’m a fan of Dinotopia :)

Ruins and Butterflies - 2006

Summer Evening - 2007

Autumn has to come…

In progress!

And, I’m also working on a couple of quite large pencils+pastels illustrations. One of them is for a comic book project of mine…one of the secret projects of 2014 and a 100% nati’s work :) No more collaborations in the next future!

Wip shot #2!
Another one in progress!
Ink and watercolor.

Limited access to the internet, but I keep drawing as usual :)

Some WIP shots of one of my ‘in progress’ illustrations of the week!


Watercolor on a large surface treated piece of wood! Lot to paint and to do…but, here the first WIP shots :)

Opaque  by  andbamnan