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The Way Home (by air and water)
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A sneak peek at the global premiere of the NEW How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer, arriving THURSDAY on Apple Trailers!


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Bloom butterflies by Mister Finch (by ohmisterfinch)
srogot asked:

I've been to my local art store and can't seem to figure out which dip pen nibs to use for drawing/inkings since the tow I've got are far to fine. Could you recommend me a size or a brand?

I basically use Pelikan nib pens - the smallest ones on a photo I posted few days ago. But I have many pens like those bought here and there in European art stores, have you tried with shops selling calligraphy tools?

It’s time to post a little mermaid doodle ;) Really never got tired of drawing mermaids!

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