Usagi and Luna, finished!

Ink and watercolor. For a show celebrating the Sailor Moon anniversary at the next Treviso Comic Con, Italy.

Guess…I’m working on another Sailor Moon fan-piece! And it’s for a show!
My ‘Queen Serenity’ piece for the show at Q-Pop Gallery in Los Angeles. Spring 2014 »
Anonymous asked:

Hi how come is it impossibile to follow you on FB anymore?

I deleted the Facebook fan-page months ago. I currently have just my personal profile online but I don’t update it often. If you are interested in following my work, follow my Tumblr, my Flickr, my Blogger or my Deviantart pages. I post news, wip shots and finished illustrations only there :)

manduhdoll asked:

Hi I was wondering how I get ahold of you for a commission? If you do business out of Italy, I am located in the US in California. Serious inquiry :)

Hi there!

Country is not a problem, in the past I collaborated with people living in Europe, Australia, North and South America so…really, not a problem! But, I’m currently working on a series of projects, I mean, three art shows, a comic book and something more. Few of them are long term projects but I can accept new commissions on a very limited basis. For more info and details, pls, contact me at: nati-art AT

Thank you!

I’m currently working on a series of illustrations I can’t show online yet…anyway, this is a very small preview of one of them :)

I was wondering, do you ever use reference material when your painting or drawing?

Hi there! It depends…when working on commissioned pieces I always use reference material - people are used to email me tons of stuff :). When working on my own pieces I sometimes take inspiration from old art or my ball jointed dolls :)

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to tell you what a inspiration you have been to me! I have admired your art ever since I was thirteen and I can never get over how amazing your work is. Thank you so much :3

<3 <3 <3

wow you are amazing i wish you could be my teacher youre style is gorgeous i cant believe it would you maybe have time to video chat or message and talk. it just so awesome

Thank you so much for the lovely message <3 I’m a totally self-taught illustrator and, that said, I’m not a qualified person to teach how to paint/draw :) I just post stuff on the web, and I haven’t made any tutorial/video/chat about my technique yet. Sorry!


by Jens Harder
New business cards featuring my &#8216;Listen to Seashells&#8217; illustration. Yeah &lt;3
Opaque  by  andbamnan